Mardi Gras Slot Game

Mardi Gras Slot Game Information – This is a festive 3 reel, 1 payline slot game that has a coin range that varies from 25 cents to $5 per line bet with a maximum bet of $15 available to wager. Sevens are the big payoff symbol in this microgaming slot that can pay you 4000 coins if your lucky enough to hit all three “streamer sevens” on the payline at max coin bet! All the seven symbols in this slot game are worth great coin prizes which you will see below. [All coin prizes reflect a max coin bet of 3]

3 Festive Sevens = 4000 coins
3 Blue Sevens = 1000 coins
3 Any Sevens = 500 coins

Besides these main symbols this slot game also has your basic bars, and cherry symbols which are worth their own coin prizes according to the combinations that are shown in the pay table on the face of the game. This is a simple and easy to understand Mardi Gras Slot Game that can be found at all microgaming casinos. There are no extra features or wild symbols, but the coin prizes are big enough to make this slot worth a try.